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Dragon Age: Origins; Rated E; Self-Preservation [1/1]

Title: Self-Preservation
Fandom/Pairing: Dragon Age: Origins; Zevran, f!Surana, gen
Rating: ESRB Rating of E for Everyone < what >
Summary: It's been a strange trip. Zevran and Sens surprise each other with senses of humor.
Notes: Flashfic. Would have gone into whatever's next of "Bereskarn Skein," but then I realized that it didn't fit the tone. All previous and future installments of "Bereskarn Skein" (or related works) will be over here, just for the record.

Zevran scuffs one foot along the loam at the lake's edge. He eyes the water suspiciously. It's not that he dislikes large amounts of water in one place. He even knows how to swim.

But he does not trust that water. It's an opaque blue-green, and the surface looks placid enough. The peaceful look doesn't make him feel any better, especially after that idiot ferryman's remarks about mages dumping potions in the lake or some such nonsense.

"We aren't going to try to swim in that, are we?"

"No. Something carnivorous in the lake. Templars only found pieces of the last would-be apostate."

"Ah, good. It's so refreshing to see that one's companions have a sense of self-preservation."

Her mouth curves up, minutely. "Trying to end the Blight counts as having a sense of self-preservation, does it?"

He waves a hand. "In comparison to deciding to jump in Lake Calenhad immediately after saying that something carnivorous lives in it? Very much so, my dear Warden."


He smirks. "You'll find I score a lot of those. And other things, as well."

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